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About Toni

What is there to say about Toni?  She walks into a room and her energy just hits you.  Always smiling, always laughing and always positive, she is truly infectious.  She gets straight to the point and knows exactly what to ask and how to ask you questions that provoke thought and bring out your truth.  She will guide you through forgiveness to acceptance and everything in between with a no-nonsense yet compassionate and non judgmental ear.  She will make you laugh and cry while getting you to purge whatever it is that's holding you back from your life's desire.


COACH TONI  Personal Development Master Coach

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Toni's Monthly TOPIC-  Finding Your Purpose:

In this time and age many of us, in fact far too many of us, live their life day by day without even knowing why they are alive  What do you live for? The truth of the matter is that unless you know what you are living for then your life is like taking a train with no destination. Do you know where you are going?  In this time and age many of us, in fact far too many of us, live their life day by day without even knowing why they are alive.

Without purpose your life is just like a merry-go-round: one day you are happy, the next you are down and we lead this life with a constant feeling of existing and not really living.

The 7 reasons for a life purpose:
1. A purpose will give meaning to your life
2. A purpose will help you identify your goals
3. A purpose will keep your priorities in order
4. A purpose will motivate you into action
5. A purpose will release the power within you to live the present and establish your future
6. A purpose will develop your potential by stimulating your creativity and activating your initiative
7. A purpose will help you evaluate your progress

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