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Toni SINGLE HANDEDLY SAVED MY FAMILY!  My daughters were rebelling, acting out and showing signs of entitlement and blatant disrespect with the start of them experimenting with drugs.   I was at a loss.  I reached out to Toni who came to my home 2 days later and after our initial 2 hour Family Session, my daughters executed almost IMMEDIATE change.  She has this brilliant way of relating and being heard by EVERYONE.  The teenager, youth, adults, just anyone and any age, race or personal struggle.  She was soft and hard both in her approach and then the minute she left my kids both asked when she was returning.   6 months later, my children are making great choices, their grades are up, their friend choices are better and we actually spend enjoyable family time together.   I can not thank her enough for saving my family.     SV

I was not feeling confident enough in my career.  I am a commission based ONLY sales woman and I was not even close to reaching my full potential in the work force.  Toni had come and did a Lunch learn at our office and I left the office that day feeling brewed and excited, but most importantly, I left with a completely different mindset and a direction and plan on where I wanted to lead my career.  I made the best choice of my life and said, what do I have to lose, and booked a private session with Toni.  I work with her twice a month now and took my salary from $80,000 yr to over $215,000.  IN ONE YEAR!   Toni is life changing, to say the least.    BF

I was referred to Toni by a female friend of mine who was struggling because she was 43 and remained single.  Toni had helped her transform her thought patterns and therefore,  her life.  She is now engaged to her soul mate and I wanted the same.  I was 45 years old and single and wanted nothing more than a Family my entire life.  Toni taught me how to focus on what I DID want vs what I didn't want to myself and a partner.  I will admit, she was straight to the point and we got into some hard work fast, but it was incredible.  I am married to the love of my life with a baby on the way.  I 100% do not think this could have happened for me without Toni.  I would have NEVER been in the proper mindset and state of mind to accomplish it.  She changed my life and I can officially say I am HAPPY.   EY

About Toni

"How do you become more?  How do you find your purpose, your meaning?  How do you execute the change you want to make in your life?  How do you transform your life from the one you are simply existing into the one you want to LIVE in?  Make the decision RIGHT NOW to INTERRUPT the pattern in your head to STOP making excuses as to why this WON'T work for you to making the choice that you are going to gift yourself LASTING personal growth and fulfillment.  Do not sell yourself short on your TRUE POTENTIAL any longer."  

What is there to say about Toni?  It's statements like you read above, delivered by Toni,  with sincerity, honesty, compassion and knowledge.  

She walks into a room and her energy just hits you.  To say the very least, she will Rock your World- in the Greatest of Ways.  
Always smiling, always laughing, always positive yet oozing this no nonsense attitude, she is truly infectious.  She gets straight to the point and knows exactly what to ask and how to ask you questions that provoke thought and bring out your truth.  She will guide you through forgiveness to acceptance and everything in between with a no-nonsense yet compassionate and non judgmental ear.  She will make you laugh and cry while getting you to purge whatever it is that's holding you back from your life's desire.  Whether its finding forgiveness, losing weight, parenting issues, career issues, acceptance, letting go, anxiety etc, she will work through these obstacles with you with strength and dedication.  
Her dynamic personality has landed her on multiple syndicated and non syndicated television shows, most recently Bravo's Real Housewives of New York and Orange County, guest on dozens of podcasts, radio shows and training videos.  
Her down to earth attitude makes everyone feel welcomed and appreciated.  She cherishes every individual as just that, an individual.  Toni treats every person with respect, compassion and understanding while pushing them to make choices that are not always easy, but necessary to make personal growth and desires happen.  She is a force of power and light and will make you laugh until your face hurts.  She has a special talent of hearing a persons needs and seeing through layers that may be holding them back from living their true passion.  She is gifted in her approach and her technique and get YOU to get the job done!

About TONI 

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